How to Cook

How to Cook a Haggis

In order to dispel the myths that surround the “Cooking of a Haggis”, we have listed below our recommendations. After all, we don’t want to devote so much care and attention to the making of this finest of Scottish fayre only to find it ” murdert ” at the end of its journey!

It is worth noting that in there are many members of “The McKean Family of Haggis” which have a number of differing applications. To begin our Cooking Series we show you the simmering method which is applicable to all our natural casing haggis ( Chieftain, Sma’ Chief).

  • Remember to defrost the Haggis first !
  • Bring a pan of water to the boil.
  • Place the haggis in the boiling water. Make sure you now turn the heat down – it is important that the water is not allowed to boil for a second time as this can result in the casings bursting. Therefore SIMMER ONLY. ( A number of our haggis are provided in a “Cook-In bag” to reduce the likelihood of the casing bursting ).
  • Allow the Haggis to Simmer. We have provided a “Cooking Table” at the bottom of the page which advises the length of time the Haggis should be allowed to simmer which is dependant on the size of haggis being cooked.
  • The Haggis is now ready for “plating”. It is now ready for cutting open – however there’s only one thing missing………
  • ………….that’s right – “neeps an’ tatties” ( ie. mashed turnip and creamed potatoes!). (For best results, serve on a piping hot plate).

Cooking Table : ( Natural Casing Products )

Product Weight  Approx. Simmer Time
 The Chieftain  5lb  2 hours
 Sma’ Chief  2lb  1 hour 15 minutes


The Haggis is a funny Beast
To make it, strong men toil
But in cooking, it is delicate
NEVER should it boil.

It’ll sit at “sub-boiling”
For the best part of a day
Until the time arrives at last
To carry it on a tray.

So people, please take note and
Do not fiddle with the knob
I set the dial earlier
I’ve heated many, I know my job.

If you turn the dial or poke the beast
Thinking you’re one of the testers
I’ll use my sword and send you off
To meet all your ancestors.