Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I was under the impression that there is a law in place in the US prohibiting the import of haggis to the US, has that law been changed?
A. No it has not. However since we cannot import haggis to the US our haggis for the US market is made in Bangor Maine under license to the WA Bean Company and shipped from there using a specialty shipping company called Periship and to guarantee freshness FedEx overnight delivery.

Q. Is this the same haggis that I would get in Scotland?
A. It is with two exceptions, the USDA does not allow sheep lungs to be used in manufacture and all haggis made in the US except our haggis links is in an artificial casing. Otherwise we use the same 150 year old recipe we use in Scotland, the same ingredients including Scottish oats and barley and always use lamb hearts and liver and never beef.

Q. Your website shows cooking methods and times for natural casing products but I don’t see those available to ship to the US. Is the cooking of the artificial casing product different?
A. No, cooking times are the same, remember the haggis is already cooked when it is shipped and needs only to be heated to serving temperature. It is simmered and never boiled.

Q. Is there a way to order for Canada ?
A. Unfortunately not at this time. We are however looking for a representative and manufacturer in Canada that would sell our products using the model developed in the US. Interested parties should contact us at:

Q. I’m ready to order, but as I went through the process online I didn’t see how to specify a delivery date. I need the haggis delivered on a certain date. How do I do that?
A. All haggis orders to the US are shipped within a day or two after the order is received. If you want to specify a shipping date you may do so by E mailing us at:

Q. What is the price US?
A. Because our Company and Website is based in Glasgow we quote prices in Pound Sterling. Think of it as if you were actually in Scotland and purchasing from a local merchant. The value of the dollar to the pound changes daily and your credit card company will make the conversation based on the exchange rate. To find the current exchange rate there are several internet sites you can use.

Q. Do you make a vegetarian haggis or other puddings?
A. We do not make a vegetarian haggis at this time. We would dearly love to make black pudding but so far have been unable to source dried blood in the US. If you know of a source please e mail us at

Q. When should I order?
A. We recommend you order as long before your event as possible. Haggis has a long shelf live and all our haggis can be frozen until your event. This prevents any panic closer to the time.