Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns is Scotland’s national poet. World famous as the writer of Auld Lang Syne . Burns had an affinity for words, women, wine and the haggis! This page in our web site is dedicated to the Bard, his poems, songs, and his life. We plan to make available a download every month of one of his favourite works, (which we will regularly update), as well as providing you with links to Burns related web sites , information about Burns events, and general Burns memorabilia. This month we have two of Burn’s most famous writings. The poem ” Holy Willie’s Prayer ” revealing in light hearted but equally ruthless manner, the hypocrisies of religious belief in his day. This is tempered later by the song ” Corn Fields are Bonnie! ” a treasured testament to the joy of love

St Andrew’s Day

On November 30th the world celebrates St Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s national day. The day of the patron saint for Scotland is an ideal time for Scots and Scots’ descendants to celebrate their Scottish roots.


Hogmanay in Scotland is a great festive time, steeped in many customs and traditions and is celebrated on New Year’s Eve, usually in a most exuberant fashion in Scotland as hundreds of thousands of revellers take to the streets to see in the New Year.